Le, E.
Le, E.

m03: Form Combination

Students will gain an understanding of how two different forms combine in a way that enhances the meaning of each form individually; visually using letter and image equally. Students will also explore the positive and negative space of each form and how to best balance this space between letter and image while creating their combination.

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    Portillo, G.

    Tier, S.

    Yeon Na, J.

    Deats, S.

    Herrear, R.

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    Gomez, A.

    Ouchkova, E.

    Vang, Y.

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    Gestalt Principles

    The parts of the visual image may be considered, analyzed and evaluated as distinct components…


    The whole of the visual image is different from and greater than the sum of its parts.

    • Closure
    • Continuation
    • Figure/Ground
    • Proximity
    • Similarity

    updated 2015/11