Typography 01

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A presentation of the principles and basic elements of typography. The students will develop a firm foundation of terminology and skills which will enable them to visually recognize and identify the terminology in type. Emphasis is placed on process, presentaion, visual problem solving and visual literacy.

Course Information

  • Syllabi Addendum [pdf]
  • Concept Rubric [pdf]
  • Late Work FAQ's [pdf]
  • Golden Rule [pdf]

  • Required Textbook

    Typography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic Design

    Timothy Samara
    isbn 10: 1592533019

    [amazon link]


  • ex: Meet & Greet
  • ex: Type Hierarchy & Style Sheet

  • File Naming Convention

    .PNG or .TIF files accepted unless otherwise noted/requested, per individual assignments.
    Thank you.

    Proper file names must be as follows:
    (assignment id) underscore (term+year) underscore (Last name+First initial)

    • Example: c04_SP15_OverstreetD

    • FA = Fall
      = January
      = Spring
      = Summer

    Type Resource Links

  • Anatomy of A Grid
  • Assignment Labels [pdf]
  • Square Thumbnail Sheet [pdf]
  • Page Layout Template (4 pg)
  • External Links

  • Adobe: Type Primer [pdf]
  • Adobe: Open Type
  • Six Revisions: A Visual Guide to the Ampersand (Infographic)
  • Kern Type: The Kerning Game
  • Hyperakt Labs: Social Good Ipsum

  • Assignment Pages

    (links to individual assignment pages)

    m04: Expressive Wordm04: Expressive Word

    m05: TypeFacem05: TypeFace

    m06: Abecedarian<m06: Abecedarian

    c15: Shrink the Worldc15: Shrink the World

    m03: Form Combination

    c16: Logo, BC, Letterhead & #10 Envelope

    updated 2015/11