Assignments Page

File Naming Convention

.PNG or .TIF files accepted unless otherwise noted/requested, per individual assignments.
Thank you.

Proper file names must be as follows:
(assignment id) underscore (term+year) underscore (Last name+First initial)

  • Example: c04_SP15_OverstreetD

  • FA = Fall
    = Winter
    = January
    = Spring
    = Summer

Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Coding

Assignments are organized by a color (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) and a number; purely for organizational purposes. Assignments and their color relationship to the printing press is purely concept based.

There is no sequential order in which the assignments were created and developed. As a consequence, individual assignments may be assigned out of color/numerical sequence within any given course.

Active assignment pages are shown as BOLD and/or BLUE links to their individual pages. The current assignment [pdf] will be located on the individual assignment page. Assignment pages will be added as they are published. Exercises are provided on individual course pages and are not listed here.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the assignments, please inquire directly with the instructor of your course.

Thank you.

Cyan Assignment Titles

c01: 24 Manga Bananas

c03: Image Patterning

c04: Image Variation

c08: Sticky Pixel

c09: Digital Art

c10: Shape & Line

c14: Indesign Primer

c15: Shrink the World

c16: Identityc16: Identity; Logo, BC, Letterhead and #10 Envelope

c17: Fluevog Creativec17: Fluevog Creative

c18: Arts Logoc18: Arts Logo

c19: Earth Day Posterc19: Earth Day Poster

c20: Choose Your Own Adventurec20: "Choose Your Own Adventure"

c22: Print Rocksc22: "Print Rocks"

Magenta Assignment Titles

m01: Web Design Briefm01: Design Brief

m01: Web Design Briefm01: Web Design Brief

m02: Self Portrait & Environment

m03: Form Combinationm03: Form Combination

m04: Expressive Wordm04: Expressive Word

m05: TypeFacem05: TypeFace

m06: Abecedarianm06: Abecedarian

m07: Architecture/Cityscapem07: Architecture/Cityscape

m08: Design Elementsm08: Design Elements

m10: Triptychm10: Triptych

m12: Stair Campaignm12: Stair Campaign

m14: Diptychm14: Diptych [Night & Day]

m16: Dioramam16: Diorama

m19: Macrom19: Macro

m20: Graphic Design Researchm20: Graphic Design Research

m21: Abstract Portraitm21: Abstract Portrait

m22: Student Choice Sitem22: Student Choice Site

Yellow Assignment Titles

y01 : Annual Japantown Celebration Postery01 : Annual Japantown Celebration Poster

y02: Department
Recruitment Poster

y03 : Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Forever Stampy03 : Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Forever Stamp

y04: Holiday/Valentine
Greeting Card

y06: Electric Bus Wrap

y08: Portfolio

y09: Smart Phone Application Interfacey09: Smart Phone
Application Interface

y10: Wine Label

y12: Voting Campaign

y13: HIV Prevention Poster

y14: Trade Show Booth


updated 2020/03