Kwok, W.
Kwok, W.

m08: Design Elements

Students will compose four individual photos as one layout and focus on the natural world (plants, earth, etc.). Students will also visually illustrate their knowledge of design elements in their black and white prints. One print will exemplify texture, one of pattern, one of space, and the forth will show shape or form.

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    Cardel, S.

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    Sandsmark, J.

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    File Naming Convention

    .PNG or .TIF files accepted unless otherwise noted/requested, per individual assignments.
    Thank you.

    Proper file names must be as follows:
    (assignment id) underscore (term+year) underscore (Last name+First initial)

    • Example: c04_SP15_OverstreetD

    • FA = Fall
      = January
      = Spring
      = Summer


    f/Stop: the amount of light allowed into the camera.

    Shutter Speed: the length of time the light is allowed into the camera .

    iso/Film Speed: the film’s sensitivity to the light.

    updated 2015/11