Digital Photography 01

Course Number & Time

Beginning level course in digital photography. A variety of problems address camera and computer techniques. Form and content as well as computer manipulation of the photograph are explored.

Digital SLR camera required.

Course Information

  • Syllabi Addendum [pdf]
  • Concept Rubric [pdf]
  • Late Work FAQ's [pdf]
  • Golden Rule [pdf]

  • Required Textbook

    Textbook: TBA

    Author Name
    isbn 10: 1987654321

    amazon link


  • ex: Meet & Greet
  • ex: Chronophotography

  • File Naming Convention

    .PNG or .TIFF files accepted unless otherwise noted/requested,
    Thank you.

    Proper file names must be as follows:
    (assignment id) underscore (term+year) underscore (Last name+First initial)

    • Example: c04_SP15_OverstreetD

    • FA = Fall
      = January
      = Spring
      = Summer

    Photo Resource Links

  • Abc
  • Assignment Labels [pdf]
  • Thumbnail Grid [pdf]
  • External Links

  • Cambridge in Colour
  • Camera Metering & Exposure
  • Depth of Field

  • Richard Curtis:
    Creating Contact Sheets in Adobe Lightroom
    9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work!

  • Assignments

    (links to individual pages)

    m08: Design Elementsm08: Design Elements

    m07: Architecture/Cityscapem07: Architecture/Cityscape

    m19: Macrom19: Macro

    m14: Diptych (Night & Day)

    m14: Diptych (Night & Day)m21: Abstract Portrait

    m10: Triptychm10: Triptych

    updated 2015/12