Introduction to the Adobe Suite

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This course is a beginning level focused on learning raster and vector based graphic design applications. Students will learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They will gain experience in basic image manipulation skills and creating images digitally, while gaining a foundation for the study of advanced art and graphic design topics. Emphasis is placed on mastering the fundamentals of file management, scanning, color management, photo retouching, imaging, special effects and filters and masks.

Course Information

  • Syllabi Addendum [pdf]
  • Concept Rubric [pdf]
  • Late Work FAQ's [pdf]
  • Golden Rule [pdf]

  • No Required Textbook

    There is NO required textbook for this course.

    The software changes often and very quickly. It is best to learn how to problem solve via internet (Adobe) sources. You are more than welcome to purchase "quick start" guides if you prefer having a hard copy.

    Adobe Press


  • ex: Meet & Greet
  • ex: Digital Color
  • ex: Digital Color Template
  • ex: Type Hierarchy & Style Sheet

  • File Naming Convention

    .PNG or .TIFF files accepted unless otherwise noted/requested,
    Thank you.

    Proper file names must be as follows:
    (assignment id) underscore (term+year) underscore (Last name+First initial)

    • Example: c04_SP15_OverstreetD

    • FA = Fall
      = January
      = Spring
      = Summer

    Course Resource Links

  • Color Temperture Guide
  • Assignment Labels [pdf]
  • External Links

  • Learn & Support / Photoshop Help
  • Learn & Support / Illustrator Help
  • Learn & Support / InDesign Help
  • Adobe: Type Primer [pdf]
  • Adobe: Open Type
  • Gabriel Sebastien : Designer's Guide to DPI
  • Six Revisions: A Visual Guide to the Ampersand (Infographic)
  • Kern Type: The Kerning Game
  • Hyperakt Labs: Social Good Ipsum

  • Assignments

    (links to individual pages)

    c08: Sticky Pixelc08: Sticky Pixel

    m02: Self Portrait & Environmentm02: Self Portrait & Environment [digital]

    c19: Earth Day Posterc19: Earth Day Poster

    c09: Digital Artc09: Digital Art

    c14: Indesign Primerc14: Indesign Primer

    updated 2015/12